Missing the point award: National Gun Victims Action Council on the Charlie Hebdo Attack

Yet again, the NGVAC shows their insanity, this time in a rant about the Charlie Hebdo attack:

Yet, because of the U.S.’s insane gun laws, the brothers, if they lived here, could amazingly have gone into any licensed gun dealer and legally bought as many guns as they wanted because being on the “no-fly” list does not make someone a prohibited gun purchaser in the United States!

People who are on the U.S.’s “no-fly” list but are still allowed to legally buy guns in the U.S. is why, at NGVAC, we do not ask for common sense laws–we ask for sane laws. U.S. gun laws are not lacking in common sense–they are insane.

Other examples of insane U.S. gun laws include gun manufacturers being the only consumer industry exempt from liability lawsuits, guns not being required to be registered or their owners licensed and no background checks conduced for gun show and private sales.

Source: http://gunvictimsaction.org/blog/what-the-charlie-hebdo-attack-reveals-about-u-s-gun-law-insanity/

Yeah, let’s just ignore that France has AK-47s banned outright and these guys still got them & (reportedly) an RPG.  Let’s ignore that one of the shooters was arrested in 2008 for terrorism & did 3 years in prison for it (something that NGVAC completely failed to mention), which would have prohibited him from buying any gun in the US

No, they think the American Gun Owner is the problem.

Don’t forget this gem:

The gun lobby also defends sales to civilians of TrackingPoint’s “can’t miss” sniper rifle which hasno defensive use and is ready-made for terrorists, insurgents and hate groups. Its ads show a 12-year-old girl hitting a target 1000 yards away–ten football fields–every time.

The TrackingPoint rifles cost from $8,000 to $28,000.  You know what else you can buy for $28,000? A whole lot of ammonium nitrate or other commonly available household chemicals used for improvised explosive devices.  Let’s not forget that the Tsarnaev brothers used pressure cooker IEDs to wound dozens  at the Boston Marathon last year.

“Never Let A Tragedy Go To Waste.”


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