This guy gets it: Another Day, Another Shoddy Antigun Study from the Left

I came across this article today:

A refreshing read, written by Matt Vespa – he dismantles a Center For American Progress report about youth “gun violence” titled “YOUNG GUNS: HOW GUN VIOLENCE IS DEVASTATING THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION”

As you can imagine, it’s filled with the usual litany of junk science, twisted statistics, and more:

In the CAP study, they include suicide as gun violence, saying, “the third highest cause of death for this age group [15-24] in 2010 was suicide, and again, guns played a large role, accounting for a plurality—45 percent—of those deaths.” In that same year, the second most frequent cause of death was homicide, wherein a firearm was used in 83 percent of the cases.

Suicide is tragic, but it’s debatable to consider it gun violence. Furthermore, when police engage armed felons with their service pistols, should that be considered gun violence? If we’re tracking gun violence (i.e. homicides or other acts of violence committed by one person against another) in instances that resulted in fatalities, then the study has inflated numbers.

The article continues with a great deal of linked articles and statistics showing why the CAP article is wrong, but the summation is this:

The premise of the CAP report is that young Americans are being bled dry from gun violence. They must demand their representatives take action to curb Second Amendment rights–our civil rights–to prevent further loss of life. After all, a Democratic polling firm–GBA Strategies–says young people think gun culture is out of control.

In reality, they’re inflating the numbers, and desperately grasping for straws by trying to say that gang violence is a Millennial problem. It’s not.

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