Politi”fact” got it wrong when rating NRA claims as false.

Back in 2013, Politifact published this article “debunking” a NRA fundraising flyer, and honed in on the “ban ammunition” talking point in particular:

Here we’ll examine what the NRA listed as reason No. 2 — “Obama supported Ted Kennedy’s ammo ban to outlaw all deer-hunting ammunition.”

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. The NRA used the same general attack against John Kerry in 2004 and against Obama in 2008.

The attack against Obama is rooted in a vote he took while serving in the U.S. Senate. It has to do with what the federal government considers armor-piercing ammunition (not, as the statement says, ammo for deer hunting).


Hm.  Considering the recent ATF proposal to ban M855 ammunition following on 2014’s ban on 7n6 ammunition and previous bans on steel core 7.62×39 back in 1994 (granted that’s prior to President Obama’s election), it sure looks like the NRA was right.

NRA’s comments on the upcoming ATF action:


Banning M855 is nothing more than this administration trying to restrict the #1 sporting rifle in America by cutting off the most available ammunition for it.

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