“Obama Says He Hasn’t Given Up On Gun Control” and in other news, Water is wet

The President sat down for some softball questions today on “Good Morning America”


“But the power of NRA and the gun lobby in Congress is formidable,” Obama said. “And you know, we’re going to keep chipping away at this, but until you get intense public demands for this, it’s probably not going to happen because some special interests and lobbyists in Washington are really, really strong and their membership feels very intensely about the issue. Whereas the general public is concerned about it, but doesn’t make it their top priority.”

I like this for a couple reasons.

Number One, it’s just so shameless because he flat out admits that incrementalism is the order of the day.  Next time someone tells you gun control isn’t a slippery slope, quote the President stating it outright.

Number Two, he admits that they depend on public outcry and craven opportunism by exploiting tragedies to push their agenda forward.  Think about that for a minute.  They want to strip away your rights, and gladly tell you that they will use any media friendly excuse to do so.

Number Three, he’s pretending that the NRA with it’s millions of members is a special interest group, while the antigun astroturf movements of Everytown, MAIG, CSGV, Ceasefire, the Bradys and more aren’t.

President Obama has things backwards:

The general public spoke up in the 2014 elections, where 91% of NRA backed politicans won.  The general public has doubled firearms purchasing in the last ten years.  The general public is pushing for liberalized firearms law, expanded concealed carry, and more rights.

In fact, the only places where anti gun proposals are gaining ground are where multibillionaires are astroturfing their way to victory as seen in Washington last year.

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