Keeping a low profile is part of avoiding trouble: “Two charged in theft of guns” after they targeted vehicles with pro gun stickers

Carrying a gun is a lifestyle choice.  Part of that lifestyle is being aware of your surroundings and understanding what’s going on around you.

Every advantage that you give to the bad guys is an opportunity for them to put you, or someone else, into the grave.  These gun owners put their pride ahead of being prudent and had a naive “it can’t happen to me” mindset:

The Cleveland Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division has connected the dots on a rash of motor vehicle burglaries targeting gun owners.

The burglaries began in late February and continued through the early part of this month, resulting in 16 weapons being stolen from 13 cars and trucks.

Warrants were issued for two suspects, James “Andy” Evans, 32, of Cleveland and Tyler Maxwell, 33, of Cleveland.

According to CPD Detective Bill Hicks, the two and a possible third suspect are believed to have been driving from parking lot to parking lot during daytime hours searching for guns in vehicles.

The men reportedly selected their targets by looking for cars and trucks that displayed stickers that might indicate gun ownership, such as NRA, pro-gun slogans and various gun brand logos.

According to police reports, all of the 13 vehicles burglarized had such stickers, and some of the victims even left handguns in plain sight.,6788

Pro gun stickers are giant “PLEASE ROB ME!” indicators.  Even worse, these guys may have endangered their families or loved ones – they were deliberately targeted because they advertised they own firearms without caution.   The criminals had plenty of time on their hands to search for these vehicles; it wouldn’t have taken them any effort to crack the glove boxes and take photos of the vehicle registration and then visit the address listed.

Hopefully this serves as an object lesson: don’t draw attention to yourself.  Your biggest ally is to not let the bad guy prior knowledge of your capabilities.

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