Larry Correia on ignorant people talking about how the US military would steamroller US citizens

I’m a big fan of Larry Correia’s fiction, and the guy is dead on when it comes to firearms laws & related politics.   He posted the following on his facebook page today, and it bears repeating given the number of mouth breathing idiots I’ve seen repeating “The US Army has DRONES!” ad nauseam.

I’ve got somebody in the comments to my gun control repost arguing about how the 2nd Amendment means nothing now a days, and how citizens are powerless to stand up against the government, because it has drones and tanks. People with a clue are all like nope, not that easy… But he thinks the government could just round them all up, because drones are magic or something. I just wrote this. Figured I’d share. smile emoticon

You ever note in every discussion about the topic of the 2nd Amendment being powerless against a modern government, it is always the peacenick afraid of guns with zero understanding of fighting, combat, logistics, or tactics arguing about how easy national confiscation would be against the trigger pullers, veterans, and people with a clue?

In real life, the people who would have to go door to door in places like Texas and Utah enforcing this hypothetical confiscation law are all like, nope, ain’t gonna happen. I’m calling in sick. I’m calling in sick FOREVER.

Hell, in New York state they only got like a 5% compliance rate for their assault weapons registration. NEW YORK!? They’re estimating at least a million unregistered “assault weapons” in Bloomberg’s home state. One of the bluest of blue states in the US, and everybody outside of Manhattan said eat a bag of dicks, Cuomo. See the essay above? Where I was super generous and gave them 90% national compliance? Yeah… No. grin emoticon

But, but, but, drones! Tanks! Aircraft carriers! Oh really? Because the guys that drive those or work in the super evil military industrial complex that you liberals love so much tend to be so overwhelmingly on your side and in favor of gun confiscation?

There are 700,000 cops in America. The ones in places with super strict gun control can’t even enforce it in those tiny urban areas, and you think you’re going to go into Idaho or Tennessee and say give up all your guns or else, and that’s going to work? Then what? The US Military gets called up and told to go shoot their friends and neighbors because of a law most of them are fundamentally opposed to?

Yeah, go ahead and start dropping Hellfires on people’s houses in Kentucky or Colorado. I’m sure the resulting backlash will be nothing but peaceful candle lit vigils and sit ins…

See, one thing you derpy wishful thinking unicorn enthusiasts miss about the 2nd Amendment isn’t just the bit where the regular people can have guns to fight tyranny, but everybody in the military swears an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies foreign, and DOMESTIC. So, how do you think members of the US military (who again, are overwhelmingly not progressive statist gun control enthusiasts) are going to react when given the order to go blow up American citizens because they are not complying with a law that violates the US Constitution?

Not to mention that most of the US military’s bases are in red states, where people live next door to, and barbeque with, and go to church with the people you expect them to go slaughter for your utopian vision. And on that note, all those big scary super weapons you keep citing that the “milita” would be helpless against? Yeah. They are parked and maintained at places like Cannon or Hill, where nothing but a chain link fence separates them from the neighborhoods of the people you expect to massacre with impunity. Except wait… They don’t need to climb the fence, because we already WORK THERE. And the people who took an oath to defend the Constitution who fly those things are more than likely to tell you to shove it, right before they frag their one general officer dumb enough to order them to bomb their home towns.

The Civil War was a giant bloody mess, and that was with geographic boundaries and causes worth fighting for. This is a cause that only people who haven’t really thought it through, wishful thinkers, and control freaks buy into, with no front line, no safe areas, no secure supply train, and the enemy controls the territory that produces all the food and energy.

Your MOST secure areas are the ones that melt down into violent riots when your over militarized police forces get caught on video doing something questionably violent. All the “insurgents” would have to do is shut off the electricity for a few days and most of your side’s backing would evaporate. Oh, but you’ve got places like Berkley in your camp. I’m sure they would be willing to tough out another Civil War. Look out Fort Hood! This is going to get rough!

A single US red state has more territory and can produce ten times as many insurgents as one of the greatest military coalitions in history fought for a decade in Iraq. Only ours will have a clue, and know how to fight better.

But, but, but feels! Drones! Drones are magic! You feel SO HARD. Because of hypothetical problems that may happen in the future, your imaginary army is willing to kill millions and destroy the whole country, because FEELINGS.

Brilliant. Tell us more about how smoothly this gun confiscation will go, Von Clauswitz!

Well put, Larry.

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