WSJ drops a Truth Bomb: The Progressive Gun-Control Charade: “After tragedy, politicians glibly call for unworkable reforms—then blame the ‘gun lobby’ when they fail.”

I came across an article in the WSJ today that succinctly summed up the gun control situation in American politics. It’s notable how much the rhetoric has changed since the peak of the national gun-ban movement, when politicians talked honestly about reducing violence by constricting the gun supply—and what that would require. In a 1989 …


Poll driven politics

A few days ago, Hillary Clinton made repeated calls for Austalian style gun control, saying it was worth looking at.  As many pundits noted, you can't have Australian gun control without firearms confiscation.  Now her people are walking back those statements: Looks like Australian style gun control wasn't polling as well as she thought. 

What can be done to stop mass shootings & gun crime? I’m ever so glad you asked.

With another mass shooting making headlines, the antigun extremists are out in force, from the President stating he would like Australian style gun control (and the firearms bans & confiscations that go with it), columnists not even bothering to hide that they want confiscation, to the slacktivists sharing facebook memes. Here's the thing, though.  When they are …