Rational people can change their minds

James Wright’s article about how he was wrong about gun control and why it is doomed to failure, from the 90’s.  The years change, but the song remains the same:

Click to access 20080708_1988912secondthoughtsaboutguncontroljamesdwright.pdf

3 thoughts on “Rational people can change their minds

  1. Thanks for posting this paper. I had not read it before, but I do assign to my students his “Ten Essential Observations on Guns in America” paper which is very similar.

    Of note in this particular piece is his comment that he excludes from his unhelpful forms of gun control such things as waiting periods. There may be other contemporary gun control policies that he may also consider under that same banner.

    Interesting to see how his research changed his views, but he isn’t a libertarian in his views by any means.


  2. Exactly. There’s been a number of criminologists / social scientists who’ve examined the data and changed their position. IIRC Kleck is one of the more famous examples of going from anti- to pro-gun.


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