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Perhaps the most invidious and patently false conceit of the anti-gun faction is its assertion that contemporary gun culture is intrinsically racist and reactionary. It’s a claim that reinforces the Left’s self-congratulatory Manichean taxonomy of a world divided between a virtuous, intelligent, tolerant, and progressive “us,” and a benighted, stupid, bigoted and retrograde “them.” An irrational hatred of firearms requires no interrogation or justification when it automatically signals one’s membership in the only side that cares about school children, social justice, and the marginalized. This moral smugness is reflected in the vast majority of anti-gun editorializing, which is notable for intellectual laziness, rife with appeals to emotion, and shot through with statistics that fail to support the interpretations claimed for them. As an example, nearly all calls for more gun restrictions classify suicides committed with firearms as “gun violence” — the same rubric that covers homicides committed with guns. By the same logic, suicides from drug overdose (which far outnumber those involving firearms) should be categorized as “pill violence.” Such dishonest polemic is pervasive among anti-gun crusaders, as are chronic displays of ignorance on the subject of firearms so laughably egregious that, compiled in videos, they have become Youtube favorites with millions of views.

With few exceptions, the clamor for more restrictions on gun ownership (if not outright bans) is led by people who have no knowledge or appreciation of the shooting sports, no familiarity with gun lore and history, no understanding of firearm technology and terminology, and scant comprehension of the law as it applies to guns. Thus we have former Vice President Joe Biden advising his wife that “if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here…walk out and put that double-barreled shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house” — a recommendation he offered in an attempt to tout his pro Second Amendment bona fides while simultaneously justifying his push to ban sporting carbines. And so we have former U.S. Representative Carolyn McCarthy’s admission that she had no idea what a “barrel shroud” was, despite her proposed legislation to criminalize its sale and possession. Her now infamous response to a persistent journalist’s questioning was that she assumed it was “a shoulder thing that goes up.” The anti-gun side, stung by the ridicule heaped upon it for these and dozens of other embarrassing gaffes, likes to claim that crafting fair and effective gun policy doesn’t require in- depth knowledge of firearms and their use, but progressives would never make the same assertion about other areas of complex and contentious policymaking such as carbon emissions, education, or healthcare.

The entire entry is worth a read

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