Due process? LOL no – “Schumer: Close Loophole Allowing Possible Terrorists To Buy Guns In US”

For me, gun rights is the equivalent of the old time “canary in the coal mine” – if a politician doesn’t trust you to own firearms, they really aren’t going to care much about any of your other civil rights either.  Chuck Schumer & Diane Feinstein both make no bones about wanting to remove your access to firearms, and being for civil liberties destroying bills such as the USA PATRIOT Act.

Schumer seized upon the recent arrests of 3 men in New York City who attempted to join ISIS in order to push his gun control agenda:

“There is a major loophole in the federal law that would make your jaw drop,” Schumer told WCBS 880. Astoundingly, under current law, known or suspected terrorists on terrorist watch lists or no-fly lists can legally purchase weapons and explosives anywhere in the United States.

“We’re announcing a bipartisan drive to close that giant and dangerous loophole.”

Here’s the problem with this statement: “terrorist watch lists” and “no fly lists” have nearly zero accountability, are virtually opaque from oversight, and are a due process nightmare subject to all manners of abuse.  Due process is an enshrined right in the United States for a reason, and removing civil liberties without even a court appearance or trial is abhorrent.

Quite frankly, if someone is such a grave threat that you don’t want them buying guns, why are they wandering the streets at all?

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