You thought you would be spared?

Reddit has a group called /r/LeopardsAteMyFace that’s used to mock people who, in a reversal of fortune, are chewed up by the very things they supported. It’s based upon this tweet from 2015:

It’s largely been used to mock supporters of Brexit & Trump – given social media’s tendency to buoy anything left wing & silence right wing viewpoints, this isn’t surprising.

However, sometimes the meme hits just right, you know?

Case in point, Sarah Silverman:

Image in case she deletes the original

This horrendous tweet was made in response to a vile, antisemitic attack on Jews in LA by “Palestinian” “activists” – and this sort of thing is going on around the world.

Sarah’s attitude wasn’t to condemn the attack, or the attackers. No, it was to try to differentiate herself from the icky Jews in Israel, and identify herself as “one of the good ones”

The problem is, Sarah, that these people don’t care. This is antisemites dropping the mask and showing that “Anti Zionism isn’t Anti Semitism” was a lie all along.

They aren’t shy in telling you this, just watch:

You won’t be spared just because you mouthed the “right” words when it was convenient.

These people are vandalizing synagogues:

Ironically, Sarah’s been a vocal advocate for gun control for years:

There’s pages of this.

Looks like being disarmed didn’t protect these people, did it Sarah?

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