Dave Kopel on “The Costs and Consequences of Gun Control”

Dave Kopel again speaks wisdom with this guest post in WaPo’s The Volokh Conspiracy column:

By far the single most effective step we could take to reduce violent crime would be to greatly increase spending to help the severely mentally ill. The biggest crime reduction would be fewer crimes against the mentally ill, since they are more vulnerable than the general population, and are victimized at a much higher rate. The mass murderers in Tucson and Aurora could have been committed for observation and treatment under existing state laws, with due process protections, but people who knew about the danger failed to take the appropriate steps. More broadly, there are many persons with severe mental illness who voluntarily seek temporary hospitalization, but who are turned away due to insufficient treatment capacity. Greater spending to help the mentally ill today will more than pay for itself in the long run, by reducing criminal justice and incarceration costs. (The mental health issue is addressed in greater detail in my forthcoming article in Howard Law Journal.)


The post also links to his recent policy statement published on CATO which breaks down why all the recent gun control proposals are not “common sense” at all but ideas that are incredibly short sighted in practice.

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